Over two thirds (62%) of UK workers say they care about being more energy efficient in the workplace according to a survey by British Gas Business.

The nationwide survey polled 1,118 workers across the UK. The results reveal that Hospitality and Leisure workers care the most (82%) about saving energy when at work, followed by Financial Services (77%) and Manufacturing (76%).

It is clear then from the results that it is important for businesses to take a more proactive approach to being more energy efficient. Yet, less than half (43%) of workers say their company or organisation ensures all computers and lights are switched off when not in use and 18 percent say they conduct regular energy audits.

Introducing a paperless policy can affect energy saving levels and those in the Financial Services sector had the highest investment in this measure, with 38 percent of workers saying their company already does this.

According to Brian Stewart, head of customer strategy and insight at British Gas Business, companies are spending more on energy efficiency and BGB wanted to know how employees feel about this. He says:

“It is encouraging to find that employees, in various sectors, think that their company is dedicated to being energy efficient, particularly in the financial services sector. But it does appear that more organisations could do more to save energy.”