A list of the most in-demand companies between July 2018 – June 2019 has been released. This list is mainly dominated by the technology, consulting and finance industries.

Glassdoor, a job and recruiting site, has released their list of the 15 most in-demand companies over the last year.

Overall, technology companies take the top spot as six of the 15 companies are part of this sector. Following this, consulting companies are the most popular with three of the ‘Big Four’ consulting firms making the list. Finally, finance companies are the third most popular with three finance organisations making the list.

The list of the most in-demand companies to work for is as follows:

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Marriott international
  4. EY
  5. Barclays
  6. J.P Morgan
  7. Facebook
  8. IBM
  9. Capgemini
  10. KPMG
  11. PwC
  12. Siemens
  13. Deloitte
  14. Apple
  15. UBS


Despite these companies being the most in-demand, it seems that the employers in technology and finance sectors are in competition as they are both looking to recruit from the same talent pool. However, Glassdoor claims that more of this pool is being attracted to roles in technology companies as almost half of the companies on this list are technology companies.

Amanda Stansell, senior economic research analyst at Glassdoor, said: 

Technology and finance are both highly represented in the UK’s 15 Most In-Demand Companies, given their appeal to a wide pool of job seekers. In addition, both industries dominate the Highest Paying Companies in the UK for 2019. This indicates that, while not the sole motivation, salary and compensation is still an important factor during the job search process and can help get recruits in the door.

When looking at why some companies are more popular than others, a recent study from Glassdoor’s Economic Research team found culture and values to be the biggest driver of workplace satisfaction for UK employees. This, combined with the UK’s Most In-Demand Companies report, is proof that businesses must consider not only what they offer to job seekers by way of compensation, but also be clear in their values and what they stand for in order to win the best talent.

This report was compiled using a sample of UK-based job seekers searching for jobs on Glassdoor between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 to identify which employers received the most clicks on their open job postings. Data from UK-based job seekers searching for jobs at specific companies on Glassdoor over the last 12 months provides additional trends.





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