Team building may not workSporty team building activities are unlikely to boost productivity in the workplace or make employees bond, the latest research has discovered.

The study carried out by researchers from two north-west universities found that team sports are carried out more for a sense of tradition and do not see the players bonding.

Dr Moira Lafferty, from the University of Chester, and Dr Caroline Wright, from Liverpool Hope University, discovered that better team cohesion does not correlate positively with such sporting activities.

“Our findings suggest that, despite there being no positive relationship to team cohesion, team building activities, both positive and negative, are still conducted,” said Dr Lafferty.

The research will be presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference next month.

Elsewhere, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation has revealed that confidence among UK employers has surged.

It was found that 96 per cent of respondents believe their workforce will either remain the same or grow during the next three months.

Posted by Cameron Thomson