HR departments may want to adjust their workplace bullying strategies as a survey has revealed that it is an issue for 70 per cent of employees.

The survey questioned close to 1,000 employees on the subject and found that 34 per cent were reluctant to make a stand and were concerned about the repercussions of reporting such behaviour.

According to the respondents, personal clashes were cited as the main reason for bullying with 39 per cent suggesting that was the catalyst.

Meanwhile, 31 per cent said the behaviour had been as a result of a person attempting to be funny, and two per cent cited disability as the reason for bullying.

Commenting on the situation, Lisette Howlett, managing director of, said: “Situations that make members of staff feel segregated or uncomfortable, whether through direct bullying or inappropriate comments must be picked up on and dealt with immediately but sensitively by management.”

The government advises that employees who are suffering at the hands of bullies can make an official complaint by following their employer’s grievance procedure.