Employers should offer their staff the opportunity to work remotely as technology has evolved so that people’s experience of working will be similar whether they are in the office or not.

That is according to the British Computer Society (BCS), which has suggested that the ability to work remotely has been a large deciding factor in encouraging women to work in the IT arena.

Rebecca George, chair of the BCS Women’s Forum, explained that there are a range of opportunities for women wanting to work in the IT sector.

Commenting on the benefits of remote working, Ms George said: “These days a lot of organisations make it possible to work from home which gives people a bit more flexibility and autonomy in their job.”

Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics have revealed a decline in the number of women working in the IT industry between 2001 and 2007, although the south west and west midlands are areas which have bucked this trend.

W Tech 2009 is an event held at the Savoy Place, London on February 3rd, which offers support for women who are interested in working in IT.