The majority of HR leaders view HR as a strategic asset, according to the findings of a recent study.

Conducted by EquaTerra and Human Resource Executive magazine, the survey focused on 450 leaders – primarily based in North America – and found that 58 per cent identified HR as a strategic asset, with just 18 per cent viewing it as a cost centre.

It was also found that the use of alternative HR service delivery models, such as outsourcing or shared service, was not identified as "especially important" in enabling HR transformation.

Meanwhile, becoming a leader in so-called "total talent management", such as recruiting and succession planning, was deemed to be the most crucial thing HR organisations could do to become more strategic.

"Improving total talent management will be key for organisations and their HR groups over the next five years, as competitive differentiation and success typically hinges on talent capabilities," stated Said Stan Lepeak, EquaTerra’s managing director of research.

Recently, Doug Sawyers, managing director of Ceridan, stated that HR should focus on delivering business-led strategic initiatives that boost an organisation’s status among rival firms.