One of Milkrounds candidates, Emma Rosen, has taken a leap of faith leaving a prosperous role at the Civil Service to embark on 25 different careers before turning 25. Read about her ambition here.

How did you decide which sector to work in? What steps did you take to make sure you’d be pursuing a career in an industry that you were passionate about?

Entering the world of work after graduating is daunting, especially when you find yourself in a job that isn’t necessarily going to kick start your career in the direction you desired.

We know there is still discontent in the graduate market – unemployment remains and recruiters are increasingly facing the problem of reneged job offers. Graduates are more than ever looking for a role that gives them purpose, that they are passionate about. But, how is a young person looking for a job expected to know what ticks their boxes without test driving a variety of roles within a variety of sectors?

Well, this is exactly what one of our candidates, Emma Rosen is doing. She is has taken a leap of faith, leaving a prosperous role at the Civil Service to embark on 25 different careers before turning 25 years old. With this in mind, she is looking for your help. See what she has to say about the challenge, and what she’s hoping to gain from it…

“I have just taken a gamble, possibly the biggest career gamble I’ll ever take.

In September, I made the decision to leave my office-based ‘job for life’ with the Civil Service in favour of an experimental and ambitious idea: trying 25 jobs before I turn 25, over the course of a year.

This is not a gap year, but a radical sabbatical that is aimed not only at finding my ideal career, but goes far beyond that. 25before25 promote career fulfilment for those already in the workplace and
aims to advocate for more diverse careers education and advice.

Why? Because the routine and inactivity of daily life was something I was completely unable to move past, and trends in millennial behaviour in the workplace shows that the way we work is rapidly changing. Work-life balance and flexibility are the most important factors for millennials and many feel the pressure to get more work experience to make them more competitive in the job market, but also to understand what an industry involves.

I therefore chose to take a gamble and resolved to find out if there was another way of doing things by exploring a huge number of different sectors and to getting understand many of the generalisations about my generation.

So how does someone gain insight into 25 different jobs in one year? I am spending anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks working with inspirational organisations within each field, which I have contacted through a mixture of networking, cold-calling and my partnership with Milkround.

I would, therefore, be very grateful for any offers of work experience or shadowing in any of the industries I have yet to cover, including:

• International Development
• Homeware/Fashion Buyer
• Primatology
• TV & Film production
• Entrepreneurial start-up (preferably with a social impact focus)
• International Security
• Conservation
• Disaster/Crisis Management
• Marine Biology
• Think Tank
• Hotel Critic

In return I will write about my experiences on my website and through my partnership with Milkround – a great way to promote working with you. It would demonstrate to potential future candidates that you take their career fulfilment and happiness seriously.”

Milkround, the UK’s leading school leaver, student and graduate career resource, commits to making sure our candidates are career confident and self-sure when applying for roles. This creative initiative from Emma is going to ensure that she ends up in a career path that is right for her, while also giving recruiters and companies the chance to reach out to the student market, and grow their talent pools.

If you would like participate in Emma’s project, or find out more information, please use the links below.
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