Talent management needed in creative industriesTalent management will be key for the creative industries in the future as the sector is likely to be a key driver for growth in the UK, it has been argued.

Michael French, editor-in-chief of MCV, Develop and CasualGaming.biz, said a tax break for the video games industry in the UK would not be "poorly targeted" as the sector is up and coming and continues to grow year in, year out.

He commented: "The creative industries are a massive economy-driver. Film alone generates huge revenues thanks to its tax breaks."

Mr French added that the previous government was on the right track we when it planned offer tax breaks of £40 million to the games sector and the new coalition government should honour this commitment.

According to statistics published by the Entertainment Retail Association, £1.85 billion of games software was sold in the UK in 2009, while £1.3 billion of music and £2.1 billion of video was sold in the same period.

Posted by Hayley Edwards