Internships, while enabling people to stand out from the crowd, may come at a price, it has been suggested.

Johnny Rich, editor of, explained that internships are effective in adding to existing credentials, such as degrees, by offering relevant experience in a particular field.

However, since many internships are unpaid, less affluent people may not be able to participate, Mr Rich commented.

He added that having contacts in the business of interest is also useful, particularly for those people who cannot afford to support themselves for several months while undertaking an internship.

"If you don’t have the contacts, internships can be another glass ceiling for the less privileged," Mr Rich asserted.

"I am generally supportive of internships; if you can do them they are great but there’s a sting," he continued.

According to the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, over 100 employers were recently encouraged to sign up to a new government initiative, which matches interns to businesses.