Training legal staff is essential for staff development, it has been claimed.

According to Selwyn Blyth, partner at Pinsent Masons and manager of tailored client training sessions, the value of staff training should not be underestimated.

Mr Blyth describes training as a "retention tool", which encourages staff engagement, making employees feel they are being invested in – something that can be important in times such as the current economic climate.

"Training is more than just desirable," Mr Blyth said.

"[Companies] really want to invest in people’s development – that is just as true in times of depression as it is times are good," he added.

In addition, Mr Blyth explained that companies will be less inclined to make redundancies when personnel have been trained, leading to "creative" ways of maintaining staff during the recession, such as pay freezes or salary cuts.

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