Businesses 'could help recruit young people'UK employers have been told they could be doing more when it comes to the recruitment of young people.

Steve Huxham, chairman of the Recruitment Society, said managers could offer training to young people to ensure they are helping to develop skills for their sector’s future workforce.

He added that employees who were under-qualified should also be encouraged to take on extra courses in order to further their skills, while the government should offer support to workplaces which help their staff to further themselves.

“Although the government has put in place some extra training and support, there is always a danger that is coming too late when people are already disillusioned or struggling,” Mr Huxham warned.

His comments come after the Resolution Foundation revealed low earners have struggled more in the recession because of their exposed and overlooked position, compared to both benefit-dependent groups and higher earners.

It added 66 per cent of the 25-34 age group had reported a fall in income.