Businesses should take care of staff well-beingHR professionals and managers have been urged to ensure they have procedures in place to help them deal with mental and physical health and well-being in the workplace.

Dr Clare Kelliher, of Cranfield School of Management, said employees who feel safe in their working environment and who are not over-loaded with tasks are more likely to build a close relationship with colleagues so they can look out for each other.

Speaking of the role bosses should be playing, she explained: “What they can do is [be] open with staff about how the future looks and also ensure that proper procedures are in place and that they are used and seen to be used.”

Dr Kelliher went on to assert that training could be part of the solution of malcontent among a workforce but that treating people with dignity and respect can also go a long way in encouraging similar behaviour, meaning managers should see themselves as role models.

Her comments come after a survey by Simplyhealth revealed UK firms could be facing an exodus of staff who feel their mental and physical health has been neglected by bosses.