Majority of brits prioritise work and money over a social or love life

Brand new research from CV-Library reveals that the majority of Brits (54.7 per cent) feel work is the most important thing in their life right now, with only 13.8 per cent prioritising their social life and 12.3 per cent their love life. 

The study surveyed 1,200 working professionals and found that only family (78.9 per cent) and health (56.5 per cent) trumped a job and earning money (47.3 per cent) as most important to Brits. What’s more, despite sacrificing a social and love life for their career, only 17.2 per cent of the population claim to be in their dream job.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, comments on the findings,

Technological advances in recent years have made it easy for us to become absorbed in the ‘always-on’ work culture sweeping the UK. However, it’s concerning to think that so many Brits are missing out on time with their loved ones to put in more hours at the office.  Whilst it’s commendable that so many of us are invested in our careers, it’s not necessary to sacrifice your entire personal life in pursuit of success. Of course, a desire to move forward at work may require a change in lifestyle, but don’t lose everything else which brings you joy along the way.

The study sought to further understand what Brits’ priorities in life are right now. The majority (77.8 per cent) stated that they hadn’t achieved everything that they wanted to so far in life.

When asked what they wanted to achieve next, the following were most desirable:

57.7per cent would like to be in their dream job
43.1per cent would like to earn over £50k
29.1per cent would like to travel for an extended period of time
26.5per cent would like to buy a house
16.7per cent would like to retire

Biggins concludes,

It’s interesting to see that Brits would rather be in their dream job than in a role that comes with a high income. It just goes to show how important job satisfaction really is, especially in terms of pursuing your interests outside of work, such as the ability to travel. If it’s something you’ve been dreaming of doing for ages, be sure to have that conversation with your employer. They may be able to make your dream a reality!

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