L&D can be used as a tool to connect people

“L&D can be used as a tool to connect people”, this was said by Sam Lawton, customer success manager at Fuse Universal during HRreview’s Driving engagement with L&D webinar on 30/1/20.

Mr Lawton explained how in regards to learning and development (L&D) it is helpful to see your employees in the same way you see your customers, as we are all customers of each other.

He went onto say that L&D is becoming a very populated area for acronyms that everyone may not be aware of. That is why Fuse has released articles in order to try and translate all of these different meanings.

In order to teach staff, he feels it is important to have everything that is put on paper for your team to also be online so it is easy to refer back to.

During the webinar, a live poll was taken which revealed that 49 per cent of companies use a mix of classroom and digital based learning for their employees.

Productivity experts, 99&One’s research found that the productivity that comes with flexible working can be hindered by lack of training. Its research found that 66 per cent of employees say flexible working has increased their productivity but as 67 per cent of workers have yet to be trained on instant messaging, 61 per cent on shared documents, 48 per cent on cloud-based collaborations tools, 40 per cent on video conferencing and 36 per cent on audio conferencing, it is reducing the productivity brought with flexible working.

Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare said:

Digital transformation is key to encouraging productivity, engagement and collaboration. However, many companies have still not got to grips with their IT investment. Just 1 per cent of UK businesses have productivity above 1 per cent. Optimised technology could improve productivity, profitability and employee engagement.

Setting employees up with the right tools to carry out their role is not enough. They need to feel confident using them. Companies should be prepared to deliver and embed technology change in a people-first way. Helping everyone in the organisation to fully embrace change.





Darius is the editor of HRreview. He has previously worked as a finance reporter for the Daily Express. He studied his journalism masters at Press Association Training and graduated from the University of York with a degree in History.