Close to 11,000 AI jobs are available, as demand for “Generative AI” experts soars +500 percent.

This is according to new research by Adzuna, which also shows that March 2023 saw 10,977 AI job ads in UK, offering average advertised salaries of £64,968.

“OpenAI” and “Generative AI” vacancies increase +100 percent and +500 percent year-on-year.

While advertised salaries in the tech sector have slipped annually, the pay rates on offer for AI jobs are rising.

Top paying AI jobs include: Machine Learning Engineer (£106,250), Data Scientist (£70,191), and Robotics Engineer (£45,192).

The research also revealed that the most beloved AI tools among employers: ChatGPT, Lumen5, and DALL-E.

Generative AI and OpenAI jobs are booming

Right after OpenAI’s ChatGPT launch in late November 2022, there was a sharp increase (+81%) in demand for talent with “OpenAI” knowledge or experience. In March ‘23, “OpenAI” job openings (52 openings) doubled that of the same period last year (26 openings), while their advertised salaries surged +30 percent year-on-year, from £45,865 in March ‘22 to £59,613 in March ‘23.

Similarly, driven by the GPT buzz, job postings for “Generative AI” roles have skyrocketed. Fewer than 10 jobs were advertised in both January and February 2022, but by March 2023, that number had jumped to 63 (+500%).

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of job search engine Adzuna, comments:

“AI jobs are definitely buzzing, thanks to OpenAI’s novel chatbots DALL-E2 and ChatGPT. Tech companies are competing against time and each other to recruit the top talent to develop the best and most advanced AI tools. While the economic climate in the tech sector did weigh on AI openings, there is still a high number of job vacancies for AI experts, and organisations are willing to pay handsomely to attract the best candidates.”

Jobs mentioning AI are on the decline

Despite the hype surrounding AI technology, AI-specific jobs are not exempted from the economic gloom of the overall tech sector.

There was a gradual year-on-year decline in the number of job ads mentioning AI, down -55 percent from 24,333 openings in March ‘22 to 10,977 in March ‘23. The wider tech industry experienced a -37 percent decline in jobs over the same period.

Nevertheless, while advertised salaries within the tech sector have slipped -4 percent year-on-year (from £57,627 to £55,095), the pay rates on offer for AI jobs continue to rise. Since December 2022, advertised salaries for AI jobs have been rising as much as +5 percent every month. Year-on-year, AI jobs’ advertised salaries climbed +0.4 percent from £64,687 in March ‘22 to £64,968 in March ‘23.

The best-paid AI job titles

AI job titles with the biggest openings in March are Data Scientist (415 openings, £70,191), Robotics Engineer (28 openings, £45,192), and Machine Learning Engineer (16 openings, £106,250). Data Scientists could earn £70,191 on average, up +11 percent from £63,102 in March 2022.





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