Unlocking the hidden potential of HR analytics – how can monitoring HR past and present help to shape a successful future?

Symposiums conference will tackle the current approach to analytics and will help you to see the ways of exploring and using metrics for monitoring staff turnover, employee engagement and diversity statistics. It will provide you with examples of how HR analytics can equip executive level leadership with palpable intelligence, which will enable you to make more informative and safer decisions. Learn how HR Analytics can be an inseparable and valuable tool, not only to monitor present and past HR activities, but also how it can be used to predict and support HR strategy and actions.

The event will encapsulate case studies, practical examples, knowledge sharing, discussions with HR analytics experts and plenty of opportunities for networking.

This event has been specially designed to assist HR professionals in their better understanding and development of HR Analytics.

This event is for you if:

  • You feel that there is more to HR metrics, if you can sense its potential, but don’t know how to use it
  • You want to hear success stories about the use of analytics
  • You want to provide your executives with evidence that making investments in analytics is crucial
  • You need help moving from diagnostic to predictive analytics
  • If you want to clearly see what will have the biggest impact on performance at your company
  • You wish to attend smaller, practical breakout sessions on the topics that really interest you

Peter Reilly, Principal Associate, Institute for Employment Studies, will be chairing the conference.

This event includes high profile speakers from the CIPD, Shell and Travelex.






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