To mark the 3rd annual Volunteering Week, which runs from 15-19 September, the Orange Foundation would like to draw attention to the community-oriented spirit of the Group’s 7,000 employees who have chosen to get involved.

Orange employees participate in a range of actions to help people in difficulty through associations involved in education, healthcare and access to culture. This commitment translates as:

  • Supporting charitable projects proposed by Orange employees. Via the call for projects launched in 2010, around 600 of the projects submitted by over 1,500 employees involved in charitable initiatives were supported by the Orange Foundation in France. Supported associations and organisations receive financial assistance (2,000 – 5,000 Euros) for their projects.
  • Skills philanthropy. Over 700 employees nearing the end of their careers have opted to participate in the “Senior Part-Time” programme, which allows them to work part-time  for a charitable organisation for 3 years. Their employees share their skills with those in need while remaining Orange employees.
  • Volunteering. Volunteering is the most common way for employees to get involved in charity – 7,000 employees donate their time around the world. In France, 2,500 employees donate their time and skills to train people to use digital tools. Over 3,000 workshops have been organised since the programme was set up in 2010. As part of the Group’s diversity policy, 800 employees volunteer in the “equal opportunities” programme in partnership with Capital Filles, Energie Jeunes, Passeport Avenir and Nos Quartiers ont des Talents. Outside France, over 2,300 employees have been involved in similar programmes.

The Orange Foundation organises Volunteering Week to recognise, encourage and thank Orange employees who generously  donate their time and money. This week will be an opportunity to present the associations supported by the Orange Foundation such as the Red Cross or Secours Populaire Français at a range of events organised across the country.

In addition to the dedication and commitment of  its employees, the Orange Foundation has also set up initiatives to promote education, healthcare and culture. These actions and initiatives create (or re-create) social ties through digital technology and  overseas by focusing on supporting women. Over 1,800,000 people benefited from these actions in 2013.