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Sponsored by Able, the disability lifestyle magazine, RIDI’s Extending the Reach award recognizes excellence in candidate sourcing and is given to organisations which have a proactive and inclusive sourcing strategy to attract disabled candidates.  Evenbreak came second only to Sainsbury’s who were worthy overall winners in this category with their “You Can” campaign.

The judges were particularly impressed by Evenbreak’s focus on trust and their great experience and knowledge, together with a good reach in terms of spreading the word.  As the UK’s only disability job board designed and run exclusively by disabled people, for disabled people, Evenbreak staff have unique experience and understanding of job hunting for people with disabilities and how to reach them.

This was the first ever Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative Awards. The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) was launched in 2011 with the aim of working together to improve how disabled people are recruited in the UK; its activities are overseen by a voluntary steering group of organisations. In 2013 RIDI decided that in order to improve recruitment practices for disabled job-seekers, there was a need to encourage and celebrate the success that has already taken place with an awards ceremony, which was sponsored by The Clear Company and took place on 14th May 2014.

Jane Hatton, Founder/Director of Evenbreak said “I am very pleased that we have been recognised as runners up for this award.  We work hard to reach and communicate with talented disabled candidates and trust is paramount in everything we do.”

About Evenbreak:

Evenbreak is run by disabled people, for disabled people. It was founded and is run by a disabled businesswoman. Evenbreak have won many awards, most recently the best newcomer in the OnRec awards 2014, a mainstream recruitment industry award. Evenbreak recently announced that the well-known comedian, actress and writer Francesca Martinez is now a patron of the social enterprise.  The Founder was a finalist in the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneurs Award 2008, and has personal experience of employing many disabled people and the value they bring to a business. As a disabled person herself (a degenerative spinal condition that restricts her ability to sit or walk, meaning she runs Evenbreak lying down with a laptop suspended above her) Jane knows how important staying in work is – not just for the income, but also for the self-esteem, dignity, feeling of being useful and having a purpose it brings. As a social enterprise Evenbreak is keen to promote a positive image of disabled people in employment.