A Tate Modern employee is sueing over occupational health issuesAn employee of the Tate Modern art gallery in London is to sue the institution for compensation over occupational health claims.

Elizabeth Andrews, who was a gallery supervisor, has alleged that she was moved to a cold area to carry out her duties, which exasperated a back problem and Crohn’s disease.

At an employment tribunal, she explained she had felt “pushed out” and that not enough was done to accommodate her disabilities.

Ms Andrews had worked at Tate Britain but was moved to Tate Modern following a dispute with one of her colleagues over which she received a written warning.

She was offered that chance of moving to Tate Modern or leaving the firm.

“It is a much bigger and colder building than Tate Britain. The air conditioning from the CCTV room where I worked from time to time made my back condition worse,” Ms Andrews said of the gallery.

However, she alleged that she felt no-one had been listening to her complaints. The case is continuing.

Crohn’s disease affects the bowels and can be aggravated by stress.