More businesses are investigating internal corruption An increasing number of businesses are investigating allegations of internal corruption following the encouragement of whistleblowers in the workplace, it has been revealed, which it could be said is a sign of compensation culture.

Research by Ipos Mori and commissioned by KPMG revealed that four in ten employers had launched such an investigation at some point over the last three years.

This is in comparison to the 27 per cent who admitted to taking this course of action in a 2007 poll.

It is believed this surge has come about as more employees are encouraged to blow the whistle on their colleagues or management, with many companies setting up specific hotlines to report suspicions.

However, it was also found that 43 per cent of employers did not have any form of anti-corruption facilities in the workplace.

The news comes after Ruth Spellman, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, urged that face-to-face internal communication among workers was as important as communicating through mediums such as the internet or by email.