There is still a "long way to go" before the gender pay gap is closed and it will remain a problem while it is matter of culture to pay men more than women.

That is according to Tatjana Hine, president of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs, which has said that equality in terms of pay is still a problem in the workplace.

Ms Hine did concede that efforts are being made to reduce the problem, although she suggested that equal pay it still some way off.

Commenting on the problem, Ms Hine said sometimes "it is just that it is the culture to pay men more, and therefore that is the issue".

She added: "Finally it will all balance out, but I think we still have a long way to go."

The 2008 National Management Survey by Computer Economics Limited and Remuneration Economics revealed that the average female executive is earning £13,655 less than her male counterpart.