The management and route of a person’s career is very different to the one our parents’ took.

Careers of the past were strongly influenced by the organisation, with dedication and loyalty rewarding workers with that long awaited promotion. Fast forward to today and the control has shifted to the individual, who now carves out their own career path.

Today an individual’s career is shaped by their contributions and input, those who demonstrate value to a company get the promotion, rather than waiting your turn to climb the career ladder.

Skills that were highly valued in an employee in the past focused around a person’s ability to master a single skill or task. Today in an ever-changing work environment a highly valued worker is one that can learn and develop new capabilities.

The infographic below, provided by Right Management, compares the career of yesterday with the career of today and reveals some stark differences.

Fullfilling Careers Infographic

Infographic provided by Right Management