Five key considerations to reduce stigma, increase accessibility and improve quality of care

Even before the pandemic, the prevalence of mental health illness was on the rise and the UK was in the midst of a nationwide shortage of mental health providers. The collective trauma of isolation and uncertainty resulting from the worldwide lockdown acted as fuel on an open flame, sparking a mental health crisis of epic proportions and adding stress to a national health system that has been on the verge of imploding for years.

As the gap between those needing care and those receiving it contines to grow, tech companies around the world are racing to develop innovative technologies to address the unmet mental heath needs of a global market. And while this movement has accelerated the mass accessibility of mental health resources and has led us to re-examine the ways in which we deliver support, consumers are left to fend for themselves in determining the solutions that are legitimately helpful and which have the potential to cause more harm than good.

This free whitepaper from Koa Health explores the state of mental health in workplaces today, and considers how forward-facing businesses can utilise technology to create accessible and effective mental health support for their workers in a time where it is needed most. It also present the 5 key indicators HR must know to create engaging digital health solutions.


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