Degreed - A 15-minute Intro to Skills-Based Organisations

A 15 Minute Intro to Skills -based Organisations – download the free whitepaper

The time has come for companies to transition from job-centric to a skills-based model.

But getting there requires some new ways of thinking and working — namely, instead of just assigning a job label, you’ll need to understand the components that workers need to succeed and assign them relevant problems, tasks, or projects.

So far, 41% of organisations that are early adopters of the skills-based approach increased their financial performance.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Defining Skills-Based Organisation & Future
  • The 10 key characteristics of a skill-based organisation
  • The Skills Strategy Journey – step by step
  • The Importance of a Flexible, Unrestricted Ecosystem


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A transition from job-centric to a skills-based model.

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