Employers need to help their staff lead a healthy lifestyle by providing a range of food and drink choices in the workplace, according to a doctor.

Businesses should develop a health and wellbeing strategy which can improve the health of staff which will lead to people taking less sick days, Dr Colin Waine says.
A healthy lifestyle for employees means better productivity for the business so it is worth employers working with staff to combat obesity.

Dr Waine said businesses can help where they have canteens and soft drink machines to ensure there are healthy choices available.

"Obesity levels have trebled since the 1970s and we now have around 25 per cent of the population who are clinically obese," he added.

The number of employers offering workplace wellness initiatives has doubled in the past year with more employees taking part.

According to a global survey by human resource company Buck Consultants, wellbeing strategies are in place at 40 per cent of workplaces, compared to 20 per cent last year.