A firm in Bristol is planning to craft a ‘period policy’, to ensure that women feel comfortable with taking time off. The policy is an attempt to make the office more productive and creative.

Coexist, a company that is predominantly female, is attempting to organise work around the body’s cycles. The company manages Hamilton House in the city’s bohemian Stokes Croft quarter, running the space for artists, activists and community organisations.


“For too long there’s been a taboo surrounding periods – I have women staff telling me they’re ashamed to admit they’re in pain. I want us to break down that shame and replace the negativity with positivity. Both men and women have been open to the ideas, especially from the younger generation,” Bex Baxter, the director of Coexist, told The Guardian.

“I was talking to someone the other day and they said if it were men who had periods then this policy would have been brought in sooner.

“It’s not just about taking time off if you feel unwell but about empowering people to be their optimum selves. If you work with your natural rhythms, your creativity and intelligence is more fulfilled. And that’s got to be good for business,” Baxter concluded.





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