As we all know, London is not a cheap place to live

As we all know, London is not a cheap place to live

It is one of life’s ironies that a great deal of the money one earns does not always make it into a person’s back pocket. Instead large portions are siphoned off into mortgage payments, taxes, public transport costs and rent. 

Research by Santander has now worked out exactly how much UK workers are paying just to have a job in the first place. £91bn is the answer or £3,405 each. That is a whopping 16 percent of the average worker’s net income.

Transport costs 

This is an increase from last year, meaning that the cost of having a job is getting larger and larger. What is rather startling though in the age of rising costs pretty much everywhere, is that the cost of public transport has actually fallen. Although the cost is still, to say the least extravagant, it has only fallen from £1,095 to £1,087.

Those who travel by public transport are still shelling out the most, spending £1,347 a year to get to work, meanwhile, motorists spend £1,238 a year – £922 on fuel, £180 on car parking and £136 on tolls or congestion c

Costs in other areas of private life are also rising too. The cost of childcare has risen, from £943 a year to £960, and monthly food and drink costs have jumped from £509 to £553.





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