Management in Practice has highlighted the fact that the government will be introducing “tough new laws” this month to counteract those companies in breach of health and safety.

The website also noted that custodial sentences will be introduced for “a much broader range of transgressions” than exists currently.

According to the website, the updated Health and Safety (Offences) Act has gained royal ascent and is due to come into force from January 16th.

Anne McColl, general manger for British Red Cross First Aid Training, explained that getting employees to learn first aid does more than merely ensure a company is adhering to health and safety regulations.

Ms McColl said: “Encouraging people to learn life-saving skills shows your commitment to the employee and also to the well being of the team.

“The confidence and motivation that it can give to individuals is invaluable both in and out of the working environment.”

The Health and Safety Executive has just began a campaign aimed at improving the safety of farmers, entitled Make the Promise. Come Home Safe.