Those responsible for the health and safety of employees at work may be concerned to hear that some 92 per cent of employees are experiencing stress in the workplace.

The current economic situation seems to be adding to those worries, as according to a survey by global e-learning provider, SkillSoft, nearly a third of employees are concerned about redundancy in the coming year.

SkillSoft revealed that the top two stress factors for people at work were an increased workload and concerns over redundancy.

Commenting on the survey results, Kevin Young, managing director of SkillSoft EMEA said: “There is a worry out there about what the future holds for employment and people are nervous that they won’t have the skills to cope with what may be required of them to keep their jobs.”

Mr Young explained that this stress was having a negative impact on productivity, as 24 per cent of employees said they had taken time off due to work stress. reports that it is “imperative that employers communicate” with their staff to alleviate stress.