The Advisory, Concilation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has suggested that having an unhealthy workforce can have a serious impact on a company’s effectiveness.

In light of this, Acas suggests that employers need to hold return to work discussions so that employees “appreciate that they have been missed”.

In addition, it advised companies to make provisions for this time of year when absences are more frequent.

Commenting on the issue, Gill Trevelyan, head of good practice services for Acas, said: “If you have already thought about how you might cover particular jobs and developed an absence policy then this can help you manage situations as they arise.”

According to FirstCare, employees can benefit from fresh fruit in the workplace and have advised companies to provide it for their staff.

They also urged companies to encourage their employees to utilise their breaks as taking a walk “helps people to relax and look at the more positive side of life”.