Employees concerned about their health at work need to ensure they get enough “downtime”.

That is according to Mo Shapiro, a psychologist who has suggested that often workers find it hard to relax on holiday because they don’t “leave work properly behind”.

By failing to do so, employers are “still running on overdrive from work mode”. She warned, therefore, of the importance of taking a proper break.

Ms Shapiro said: “We really need the downtime from work to recharge our batteries and we don’t get the full benefit if we don’t wind down quickly enough.”

According to research from Keycamp, which took a nationally representative sample of 1,335 UK adults, some 67 per cent of people consider their lives to be stressful.

The survey also revealed that 18 per cent of people founds that after their daily routine at work and home, they find it difficult to adjust and relax while on holiday.