Britons could use a holiday to escape stressSome employees use their holiday time to continue working in order to manage stress while they are away from the office, it has been revealed.

Lisette Howlett, managing director of, said that such people should take better care to manage their time so that they could still enjoy being off work, such as by working for an hour in the mornings or for one afternoon a week.

Speaking of another factor in people working during their holiday allowance, she noted: "There’s also this fear that something will be found out when they are away so if somebody needs something and they don’t have it then they’ll get criticised when they come back."

To avoid this, Ms Howlett advised employees to delegate tasks before they left the workplace and to leave behind briefing notes.

Her comments come as Expedia reveals that 22 per cent of employees have admitted to cancelling a holiday due to their work commitments.