Top reward packages to give employees plenty to smile about

A strong employee benefits package can encourage retention and increase the welfare and happiness of employees, in light of this a director has given her ideal workplace benefits and reward package.

Kelly Feehan, service director at Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA),  the charity supporting the wellbeing of chartered accountants and their families reveals her top employee benefits a job can offer.

Ms Feehan said:

Flexible working hours

“Having a flexible schedule leads to a better quality of life, and can lead to higher staff engagement, and a reduction in the overall number of sick days taken each year.”

Wellness programs

“There are numerous wellness initiatives available which benefit employees, ranging from gym memberships to holistic treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and reflexology.”

Enrichment events

“Talks by inspiring speakers, cooking classes, book clubs, and entrance to exhibitions is a great way of engaging employees and fostering a fun and positive workplace culture.”

Subsidised travel

“Commuting can be a significant expense and supporting employees with this can really improve their engagement with the brand and as such increase employee retention. This can be done by encouraging car-sharing, public transport passes or season ticket loans, shuttle buses and in some cases company cars.”

Paid volunteer days

“Offering paid time off to volunteer has a number of benefits such as attracting and retaining top talent as well as increasing productivity. Giving employees a sense of meaning and purpose whilst growing their engagement and sense of empowerment translates into satisfaction and productivity in the office. Participating in paid volunteer days for charity helps to build a sense of teamwork and commitment.”

Training and development

“Employers that continue to invest in training and development will reap the rewards. Not only will your employees have more advanced skills and perform better at their jobs but their confidence in their abilities will improve as will the overall perception of the business and employee turnover should also reduce.”





Darius is the editor of HRreview. He has previously worked as a finance reporter for the Daily Express. He studied his journalism masters at Press Association Training and graduated from the University of York with a degree in History.