Offender rehabilitation, skills and employment experts Working Links has officially launched its justice division to help deliver the government’s ‘rehabilitation revolution’.

Over the last 11 years, Working Links has helped more than 40,000 ex-offenders reintegrate back into society by finding them sustainable work and the organisation currently works in more than 55 prisons across Great Britain.

And now the company is officially launching Working Links Justice. The organisation believes its public, private, voluntary makeup will make the difference when it comes to helping people break the cycle of unemployment and reoffending.

The new arm will bid to deliver rehabilitation services after the Ministry of Justice announced it would no longer provide services directly without testing whether the private and voluntary sector can deliver them more efficiently and effectively. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke recently said the current system is not working and wants new players to enter the market.

Debbie Ryan, Director of the new Justice division, said: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this business. The government’s reform programme has the potential to transform the criminal justice system for good. With our new justice business, Working Links is now in a position to become the most innovative and ambitious provider in the market.