A brand new web-based talent bank has just launched, helping law firms across the globe to reduce their recruitment costs and find the right candidate quickly and easily.
Twosteps is a new organisation that uses cloud computing, digital media and e-recruitment software so that employers no longer have to spend hours sifting through CVs – helping them to reduce their recruitment fees.

Twosteps software can screen and match the best candidates, send candidate alerts based on specific criteria and can help keen candidates to manage their career with personalised privacy settings.

Jobseekers can now apply direct to these employers without recruiters and this service is already implemented by some of the world’s biggest law firms and legal employers are on board including Allen &Overy, Linklaters and Credit Suisse.

The software has been specially designed to advertise jobs, manage applications and match the best candidate to the right role. Employers currently using the system to manage their recruitment process will continue to benefit for the future with our candidate alerts, which are all based on specific criteria. The candidate alerts will automatically notify you when an ideal candidate registers with the site. And of course, because thetwosteps software works around the clock and around the world, employers can recruit globally without the boundaries of time zones.

The new website also allows legal professionals to manage their career by personalising their privacy settings, employment preferences and job alerts.

Edward Andrew, Global CEO at twosteps, said: “There is nothing like twosteps on the market – this website will revolutionise the way large employers recruit. It also allows smaller employers to compete for quality talent by searching from the same talent bank.
“This software was born from a client need to keep up with the changing marketplace. Legal employers need to rethink their business model to attract and retain a new generation of lawyers. Lawyers today are much more comfortable with Digital Media, Social Networking and Mobile Technology and employers can use that to their advantage
“The digital age has finally caught up with the legal services sector and more and more employers are now choosing to interact direct with candidates. Could this mean the end of high recruitment fees?””