Towers watsonTowers Watson, a global professional services company, announced it has released Talent|REWARD v7.4, the newest version of the company’s flagship software solution that assists organisations with delivering comprehensive talent management and reward programmes.

The latest update includes significant enhancements to the pay-for-performance capabilities, usability refinements that allow managers to focus on the exceptions, deeper linkage between career and learning in order to drive increased alignment and purpose of learning actions, and incremental data management capabilities for administrators.

“Talent|REWARD is truly a world-class software solution that lets organisations optimise and automate their talent and reward programs. With this release, we have improved all five employee-facing aspects of the software suite — compensation planning, performance, learning, career and succession. We designed these latest enhancements to ensure our software solution gives managers and HR the flexibility and ease to meet their overall needs,” said Chad Daugherty, EMEA practice leader for HR Technology at Towers Watson.”

Talent|REWARD delivers a broad range of integrated applications for organisations looking to improve business results through better management of HR processes and their employees. Talent|REWARD was built based on the collective feedback from over 300 clients and 400 Towers Watson Talent and Rewards consultants who use the solution daily.