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Leading telecom company Talk Talk, has just installed a new digital time and attendance system at its Solihull headquarters and five of it’s regional shops. The system provided by The Bodet Group uses networked biometric scanners to acquire real time staff attendance data to reduce HR administration time and improve workforce management.

Talk Talk’s business development manager, Howard Kanzira said, “Like many companies, we used a paper based system to record staff attendance, but we found this wasn’t working effectively and was open to abuse. With 27 shops around the UK, we needed a system that would provide reliable and accurate real time data both for payroll and personnel management at all our sites”

The Bodet system uses biometric fingerprint scanners at each site which are connected via the Internet to the Solihull HQ. Each employee simply touches the screen and the scanner captures the fingerprint which is compared against a stored profile to identify the employee. This is then transmitted to the central control software which then provides real time data reports tailored for specific departments.

Kanzira commented, “We now have a very accurate record of who is working at which site and when. The data is immediately available for payroll, and is especially helpful in regard in calculating holiday and overtime. The software also generates tailored management reports so that current and historic attendance information can be accessed by store and by area. This means that management teams have accurate data for performance management at every level and can identify trends at an early stage.”

Installed at six sites initially, Talk Talk plan to roll out the system to encompass all their sites. Kantira added, “This new system makes things much easier for the payroll staff, and the tailored reporting means we can manage our workforce more efficiently and increase productivity throughout the whole operation.”