Not everyone can have a frontline role where their performance is visible to all; indeed not everyone would want a high profile job, but that doesn’t make their contribution to the success of the business any less important. Family owned and run Swansway, an award-winning motor retail group, has a novel way of finding and acknowledging the contribution of team members who otherwise could fall into the category of being an unsung hero.

Swansway director John Smyth said:

“In our industry sales roles are traditionally high profile and sales achievements are more usually celebrated, but if you stop and think, salespeople couldn’t sell without the whole support of the dealership and Head Office teams.”

“Our Swansway Unsung Hero Awards are specifically designed to recognise team members who are doing a wonderful job, often going above and beyond expectations, but not necessarily in a role that attracts attention. I’m sure this is part of the reason we rank so highly in the Sunday Time Best Companies to Work for list and Guardian Great Place to work.”

Everyone across the group has the opportunity to nominate team members for the awards, which take place every quarter. The winners are then invited to afternoon tea with the directors at Crewe Hall, presented with a lovely award and given vouchers as a thank you.

Some of the latest winners are; Lola Cork, Receptionist at Stafford Land Rover, but nominated by Phil Drury, Head of Business at Stafford Audi.  Lola helped out at Stafford Audi when they were short-staffed and Phil was delighted how well she stepped up to the plate.

Jason Harnett, Valet Supervisor at Stoke Audi was nominated by Head of Business Phil Jones. In a busy March, Jason worked above and beyond the call of duty. He delivered consistent and exceptional service;  coming in as early as 4am and finishing as late as 8pm.

Sophie Payne, Sales Administrator at Volkswagen Can Centre Birmingham was nominated by Kevin Brown for her efforts in the sales admin department. In March she ran the department all by herself, including arranging delivery of 91 vehicles.