Staffcare is launching its auto-enrolment software at a series of events in May and June and believes it will be the first to market with such a feature rich product that has been designed as a white-labeled platform for Corporate Advisers and Employee Benefit Consultants to brand and configure alongside pension consultancy and support services.

The new software product has been developed from Staffcare’s award winning benefits platform and will empower users to manage the administration, compliance and reporting of all auto-enrolment requirements to ensure that employers and their Advisers adhere to their auto-enrolment obligations in the most efficient and risk free manner. The software is available as a stand-alone product or it can be used as part of an integrated suite of products including total reward, flexible benefits and HR self-service.

Phil Hollingdale, Staffcare’s Founder & CEO says “our focus has been to build a platform for Advisers and Consultants to use which is Pension Provider agnostic and which can manage the auto-enrolment process from end to end starting with an impact analysis tool to assess the likely impact and cost for an employer, all the way through to employee communication and payroll reporting. Importantly we have focused on what features Advisers will need to help set up and manage their clients qualifying pension schemes, including all the complications around opt-ins / opt-outs and maintaining an audit trail of all member records thereafter”.

“Advisers struggle to manage all of the different systems within their businesses today and the last thing they will want is to manage multiple auto-enrolment platforms from different Pension Providers and multiple platforms for managing different aspects of benefits administration. We strongly believe that Advisors and their clients want one platform for benefits communication, enrolment and administration and auto-enrolment will soon become a hygiene factor as part of a broader benefits and workplace savings proposition. Managing auto-enrolment is very similar to managing a flexible benefits scheme, it’s all about assessing member data, eligibility rules, contribution calculations, alerts, reminders, payroll and provider reporting and member communication. We’ve been delivering this successfully for the last eight years.”

Ian Catchpole, Staffcare’s Pensions Proposition Manager says, “the Staffcare auto-enrolment module will manage all the essential aspects of auto-enrolment from assessing workers in each pay period, to managing the opt-in and opt-out process and handling all the necessary communications and reporting to the Pensions Regulator. In addition it will:

• let users gauge the financial impact of the new legislation.
• provide assistance in the setting up of a compliant scheme or ensuring existing schemes are compliant.
• provide an employer portal to offer a link between payroll, HR, The Regulator and Pension Providers.
• provide a secure employee site for data changes and pension modeling.
• integrate with the chosen pension administrator.
• provide permanent audit trails for compliance purposes.
• be corporately branded for clients and / or white-labeled for Advisers and Consultants.
• integrate with all other elements of Staffcare’s benefits technology including online total reward and flexible benefits.
• offer flexibility to meet client needs and requirements, thus reducing set-up costs and expensive changes to existing systems.”

Phil Hollingdale says: “Our launch events will show Advisers how the software can be used to set up and manage each clients’ scheme and how it can be white labeled for them to brand and deliver as part of their overall service proposition. Advisers will be able to provide the software for clients to manage all of the processes themselves or they will be able to offer an outsourced auto-enrolment administration service”.

“There is no doubt that there is going to be an auto-enrolment land-grab over the next 2 to 3 years and at our launch events we will show Advisers how they can position their business to deliver cost-effective, compliant auto-enrolment software and services to their corporate clients.”