disabled-workerSodexo Motivation Solutions, a leading provider of employee benefits and rewards services, has announced the launch of The Reward Portal – Premium, an online incentive and reward solution that allows HR professionals to recognise their employees’ hard work in an easy, frequent and meaningful way.

The Reward Portal – Premium uses an innovative ‘choice-based’ approach to incentivising and rewarding staff. With this model, employees can collect points for various achievements and then select their reward from an extensive online reward catalogue that caters to a wide variety of personalities and tastes. This way, employees are always motivated by the reward, as they have chosen it themselves.

Iain McMath, managing director of Sodexo Motivation Solutions, said:
“Employee incentive and reward schemes can provide a powerful tool for staff motivation and engagement when done well, but if they are managed poorly, they can actually have the opposite effect.”

“To have the greatest impact, businesses need to apply these schemes fairly and consistently across the whole organisation and offer rewards and incentives that employees truly value. Managers also need to have the ability to acknowledge and communicate the reason for the reward or recognition in a clear and timely manner.”

The Reward Portal – Premium allows the HR department to achieve all these goals by offering a consistent yet personal approach to incentive and recognition, and by aligning all current practices and communication tools on a single platform. Sodexo Motivation Solutions can also work with organisations to develop a custom-designed solution that perfectly matches their own particular needs.

Iain McMath concludes:
“The Reward Portal – Premium streamlines and simplifies even the most complex incentive and recognition programmes by allowing businesses to manage multiple schemes through a single online portal. As such, The Reward Portal – Premium is an easy way for organisations of any size to make their existing incentive and recognition practices more effective and efficient.”