PageOne’s Outlook SMS service provides a seamless method of sending and receiving SMS messages directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Compatible with both Outlook 2007 and 2010, PageOne’s Outlook SMS service utilises OMS (Office Messaging Service), enabling users to quickly and easily compose and send SMS messages to mobile phones, all from within Outlook, as easily as sending an email.

There is no new software to install, no new workflows to learn or training required – by adding the service to Microsoft Outlook users immediately have a fully functioning SMS service up and running in less than 2 minutes.
By choosing ‘Text Message’ from the ‘New Item’ drop down users can begin composing SMS to send to their Outlook address book straight away.

SMS messages are typically read immediately and this makes them ideal for communicating urgent messages and updates to staff, customers or to any other stakeholder that needs to receive time sensitive information.
“We’re very excited to announce the launch of PageOne’s Outlook SMS service,” said Chris Jones, CEO, PageOne. “This service really complements our current portfolio and offers customers another simple, yet effective means to communicate, all from the familiar and convenient environment of their Outlook programme.

PageOne’s Outlook SMS service is driven by, Oventus. The service has been designed to offer the greatest level of simplicity and ease of use.

This gateway to resilient, high-throughput, multi-channel messaging, allows users to mobile-enable their systems and applications. As the messaging hub for all PageOne Connect, Flare and Engage services, Oventus delivers secure messaging to thousands of organisations across the UK.