Nuffield Health, the largest not-for-profit independent healthcare provider in the UK, has announced the launch of a new nutritional service for corporate clients following its acquisition of Mythbreaker Nutrition.

The service provides a scalable and affordable product that allows employees to gain a comprehensive view of their diet that can help them improve their health.

Drawing on a clinically robust database, created and maintained by the Food Standards Agency, our proprietary dietary analysis tool, The Food Calculator, breaks down an employee’s diet and compares it against Government guidelines. The employee enters a three-day food diary into the Food Calculator which in turn generates a bespoke report.

The resulting report allows the employee to gain an insight into their diet by showing, for example, how much salt is in the diet or whether there’s too much sugar. The report also outlines the strengths and, more importantly, how to address any deficiencies and imbalances that are discovered; whilst also dispelling many of the myths surrounding food and diet in today’s world.

For employees wanting more information and guidance, there is a triage service where they can access further assistance or seek a referral either to a GP, a Nuffield Health Nutritional Therapist or to Nuffield Health’s Weight Management Programme.

For businesses, Nuffield Health’s nutrition service can provide a comprehensive survey of the dietary habits of their organisation as a whole. Through this report, the nutritional team can supply a bespoke plan for the organisation ranging from seminars and workshops to internal communication programmes as well as referral management for individuals.

Ben Moser, co-founder of Mythbreaker commented: “We’re delighted to have joined forces with Nuffield Health and look forward to widening the access to our nutritional services. Using the service excellence of Nuffield Health coupled with the innovative system of the Food Calculator; the Nuffield Health nutrition team can now give focused and practical advice to employees and businesses. This can result in improved performance at work for the employee as well as a tangible improvement in the wellbeing of the business. Never before has there been a system like this that can actively monitor the success of the programme and provide information to target the health challenges the business may have.”

Laura Kerby, Managing Director Clinical Products & Services at Nuffield Health said: “This is a very exciting moment for Nuffield Health. We are rapidly becoming established as a broad-based health group, able to serve a wide range of people’s health needs. This launch is the next step, enhancing our nutritional services and strengthening our wellbeing offering to our corporate clients.”