With increasing numbers of UK small businesses adopting a ‘virtual’ workforce, MyTeamMonitor launches to enable bosses to manage and supervise remote employees.

Software developed by MyTeamMonitor (http://myteammonitor.com/) allows SMEs to hire remote workers with confidence by regularly monitoring their work – wherever they are based.

Once downloaded, the system allows managers to take regular screenshots of remote employees’ computers, track keystrokes and mouse clicks and, most importantly, encourage the rewarding of efficiency – as well as identifying problems.

The software’s emergence comes on the back of evidence that increasing numbers of UK small businesses are employing teams of remote workers.

In the most comprehensive survey of the use of remote workers PeoplePerHour (http://www.peopleperhour.com/) – Europe’s biggest online business marketplace – surveyed 1300 small businesses in the UK and found:

  • a 68% rise in the number of UK businesses hiring remote workers in the last 12 months.
  • 71% used remote workers for flexibility and cost savings
  • SMEs saved 23% on staff costs
  • 91% found the quality of work done by remote workers was as good or better than full-time staff.
  • 70% planned to continue to use remote freelance workers

“Savvy businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the cost savings associated with recruiting remote workers,” said MyTeamMonitor spokesperson Giotto De Filippi. “British businesses have already found the quality of their work is on a par with – if not better than – that their office-based staff.

“And the roll-out of 4G together with the continued uptake of new, improved cloud technology will offer additional efficiencies going forward. However, working remotely requires a new dynamic of trust from both the worker and their manager.

“The days of micromanaging are over. It’s physically impossible to stay on top of everyone all the time when your team is scattered all over the company, country or globe. Trying to be everywhere at once and plugging yourself into every conversation is a losing proposition.

“If you’re paying a remote worker by the hour for their project or task, you need peace of mind you’re being billed appropriately. For remote employees, it’s a great way to demonstrate your ability to be left alone and still get the work done and to demonstrate to your employer you’re trustworthy.”