Sodexo Motivation Solutions, a leading provider of employee benefits and reward services, has today announced the launch of its new ‘off the shelf’ online gifting solution. The tool is unique in that it gives companies of all sizes the opportunity to evolve their recognition strategy with an easy to manage and cost effective solution.

Sodexo’s online gifting portal provides a self-service approach to rewarding and incentivising, as individuals can choose from a wide variety of rewards in the catalogue, based on their own preferences and the number of points they have accrued. Points can be attributed for any number of reasons, including exemplary work, seasonal gifts, reaching sales targets, or as part of an absence management scheme.

As such, the portal enables employers to provide their staff and partners with a highly visible reward and incentive scheme, under their own brand, so that a culture of recognition can be seen throughout the entire organisation. Along with these benefits, Sodexo’s online gifting tool can also be used to provide management with greater visibility of budgets as well as redemption behaviour, so that spending can be measured against specific company goals in areas like staff engagement and productivity.

Sodexo Motivation Solutions’ managing director, Iain McMath said:

“Our new online gifting tool is a unique offering in the market, as it enables companies to introduce employee and partner gifting very quickly and cost effectively, and also provides a great stepping stone for those looking to develop a more comprehensive incentives and rewards strategy in the future. Moreover, it is the first ‘off the shelf’ solution that allows businesses to provide gifts that are meaningful and desirable for each recipient, which is essential for creating the greatest impact.”

To support the new portal, Sodexo has partnered with some of the UK’s leading retailers to provide market-priced employee gifts and incentives, along with Sodexo’s existing multi-store gift voucher, SayShopping, which will also be available on the portal. Popular categories for employee rewards include Food & Wine, Home & Electricals, Jewellery, Fashion & Beauty, Leisure, Entertainment, Sport, Holidays and Charity Gifts.