has launched SalaryBot Jobs, the first major job search platform in the UK that advertises take home pay, after tax and national insurance deductions. The new iPhone app, available as of today on the app store, has joined the recently launched website and Android app.

The online utility had previously run a survey and found that 40 percent of the respondents use salary calculation tools to calculate net salaries of new jobs. Additionally, 60 percent reported they would use a jobs platform over another if it included take home pay figures on job listings.

The results of the survey prompted the development of SalaryBot Jobs, combining the salary calculation software of and the extensive job listing data provided by Adzuna.

Adzuna co-founder, Andrew Hunter, commented: “Today’s technology savvy jobseekers increasingly demand greater transparency from recruiters, with more and more applicants expressing concern regarding job ads failing to cite salaries, vague references to bonuses and lack of clarification on take-home pay rates. As demand increases, the onus will fall more and more on recruiters to provide more transparent pay information.”

Chris Bell, founder of, is excited for the future of the service. “I think users will appreciate having such an important piece of information readily available on every job advert. There are already plans to make the calculations personalised, allowing users to apply student loan repayments and other personal circumstances”.