jobandtalent ( – the platform that matches candidates to jobs from across the web using its innovative linguistics-based algorithm – has launched a free iOS app that aims to revolutionise the mobile recruitment space. By delivering relevant and targeted job opportunities directly to users’ mobile devices, as well offering the option to apply for positions through the app itself, jobandtalent ensures that jobseekers never miss a top employment opportunity again, no matter where it is listed online. The app-based service offers users a discreet and convenient way to find a new job, and with the entire process taking place on a user’s phone, the need to access recruitment sites from office desktops or computers is removed.

In regards to mobile recruitment, co-founder, Juan Urdiales comments: “A large number of our users already accessed jobandtalent from their mobile devices via the mobile site that was launched at the start of this year, and it makes sense that people want to check for new jobs that match their profile while on the go. We wanted to give our users an even more streamlined and compelling user experience, integrating features available within native apps such as push notifications. While currently available for iOS, we anticipate that also Android and iPad versions will be available by the end of the year.”

How the app works:

Having registered, a user can import their CV from LinkedIn, or alternatively email it as an attachment that the system will automatically import to their jobandtalent profile, making it as convenient as possible to create a profile from the mobile. Once this profile is complete, the jobandtalent algorithm gets to work seeking out suitable openings that match a user’s experience, preferences and requirements from over one million job postings across the web.

The recommended jobs delivered to a user’s inbox are identified by the unique jobandtalent algorithm, which was developed in collaboration with HR and big data experts, as well as PhDs from the Research Institution for Applied Linguistics at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. The algorithm identifies linguistic patterns within the structure and phrasing of both job adverts and CVs, converting them into data points that match candidates with suitable job opportunities listed online.

Jobandtalent keeps looking for potential matches even when the user is not actively using the app. As and when relevant job opportunities are identified, users are notified via push notifications – replicating the phone call candidates might receive from a headhunter when a new vacancy becomes available.

The app’s interface is simple to use and adapts intelligently to a user’s preferences. The app creates a feed of job recommendations, and users can manage this list easily by swiping left/right to discard or save them. The algorithm then learns from and adapts to a user’s feedback in this way. As well as the automated suggestions identified by the algorithm, users are able to search, email and save more than 1 million job listings in the United States and Europe. These job descriptions are pulled from different recruitment boards across the web, and can be filtered by job type, location, and other factors.

Felipe Navio, co-founder and product lead of jobandtalent, also notes: “People behave differently when they are using a mobile rather than a desktop. In the App Store, you can see that countless developers have rethought user experiences and adapted them to mobile successfully, however, in the recruitment space, this development has yet to really take off. In part, I think this is because most current job apps simply replicate an existing desktop experience, whereas we have tried to re-imagine the user experience for mobile – creating an intuitive, beautiful app that adapts to a user’s behaviour and preferences.”

For a video demo of how the app functions, visit

‘Apply for Me’

Once the candidate is interested in applying for a particular job (whether by searching manually or from the algorithm’s suggestions), he or she is able to apply for the position directly through the jobandtalent app with one click, without having to sign up and upload their CV to the individual job board or site where the vacancy is listed. This innovative feature is called ‘Apply For Me’, costs £0.69 per application, and uses both technology and human supervision to ensure the candidate’s application has been processed fully and completely. Using jobandtalent’s ’Apply for Me‘ feature saves users a significant amount of time, and effectively allows candidates to apply to jobs from their mobile whilst on the go.

As co-founder Felipe Navio observes, “Once we started developing the jobandtalent app, we were frustrated by the fact that users had to register in several different places in order to apply for the jobs, some of them were not mobile friendly, and others asked for information users didn’t necessarily have readily available on their mobile. By creating the “Apply for Me” function, we were able to streamline the whole process, saving users significant time and effort. We are still experimenting with the pricing structure, but felt it was important to offer this option, as it is something completely unique to jobandtalent and genuinely beneficial to our registered users.”

About jobandtalent – a personalised feed of job opportunities

At the heart of jobandtalent is an innovative algorithm formulated in collaboration with HR and big data experts, and PhDs from the IULA (Research Institute for Applied Linguistics) of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. This algorithm behaves like a virtual recruitment consultant or personal assistant – identifying and recognizing linguistic patterns within the structure and phrasing of both job adverts and CVs. These patterns are then converted into data points that match candidates with suitable job opportunities, even if they do not match a candidate’s or recruiter’s specifications word for word. This algorithm, which is under continuous development, allows jobandtalent to analyse hundreds of thousands of jobs from different recruitment boards and sites, suggesting suitable vacancies within a user’s chosen field.

Having secured €2.5 million of funding in 2013, jobandtalent has emerged as an international recruitment platform of choice for over 200 leading European and global companies from multiple sectors seeking experienced candidates, including Accenture, Morgan Stanley, Ericsson, Booking, L’Oréal, and Deloitte, and has reached over 500,000 registered users.

Co-founder, Juan Urdiales of jobandtalent comments on the company’s mission: “There is something broken in the recruitment space, as more than a half of professionals are open to a career change, but they are missing great job opportunities. These individuals do not have time to browse amongst the millions of jobs posted daily on the Internet, and as a consequence, companies cannot target these candidates with their job postings alone. At jobandtalent, we are using our unique technology to solve this problem and automatically match professionals to relevant jobs – it’s like having a personal assistant looking out for suitable vacancies across the web. Our mission is to revolutionise and redefine the recruitment space online, ensuring that no one misses a great job opportunity ever again.”

jobandtalent is available to download from iTunes: