Amazon has launched its cloud service in the UK, approximately 18 months after the service was launched in the US. The service will provide an infrastructure which will enable consumers to store their documents on the cloud. Cloud and communications firm Qubic says that businesses in the employment and HR sector should become aware that although services like these are low cost, they don’t take into account additional needs of businesses.

Chris Papa, Managing Director of Qubic said, “The business IT infrastructure is very different to consumer, taking into account much more complex needs, including high level security and disaster recovery. A high quality, high specification infrastructure is required by businesses to accommodate their cloud computing needs, which will give them the flexibility to add a range of other services such as cloud servers, anti-virus protection and enhanced backup capabilities.

“Cloud computing has been around for many years but only recently has it been able to empower businesses on such a large scale. The cost of cloud computing has come down in recent years, allowing businesses to use high-end cloud based solutions rather than off the shelf solutions provided by many companies.”

Chris concluded, “Businesses in the employment and HR sector need cloud solutions which are tailor-made for their needs. Generic cloud services work well for consumer use but businesses should capitalise on the much wider benefits that can be gained from using the cloud for more than just data storage. Suppliers who already have experience of business demands are helping them to become more mobile and to operate in a more efficient way. Business customers need their IT provision to be built around them and need companies that can deliver the support and security required around the clock.”