Neocase Software, the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and on premise supplier of Global HR, Customer Service and Finance solutions for shared service centres (SSCs), announced the launch of Neocase HR Power 2012 in Q2. This new version of its highly scalable HR shared service solution revolutionises the running of SSCs in major Global HR organisations with three main advantages: it takes a global approach to HR SSCs, HR processes can be streamlined, optimised and automated, and the HR portal can be accessed at any time from mobile devices.

“The focus of first-generation shared service solutions was on local request management and a Knowledge Base to ensure appropriate and consistent responses”, said Julien Dahan, Managing Director of Neocase Software. HR shared service centres (HR SSCs) make HR skills and expertise available to all, fulfilling three major objectives: increased productivity, reduced operating costs and higher staff satisfaction. But, faced with increasingly scarce resources and placed under greater and greater pressure, SSCs have found it difficult to achieve these aims. “Now we need to push the envelope with a more global, multilingual, standardised and mobile offering that builds on past activity and provides real-time reporting so that better HR decisions can be taken” (Julien Dahan).

Globalisation of HR SSCs
Neocase HR Power 2012 uses a multi-tier service model designed for medium to large global HR environments. The solution is multi-regional, multi-country, multilingual, multi-profile and multi-process. It offers:

  • A flexible solution adapted to the needs of the organisation, with cross-functional teams assigned by region, business unit or subsidiary or shared across multiple sites and several countries;
  • A user-oriented interface, able to manage through every channel the employee context which includes a adapted service catalogue, a dedicated SLA, an intelligent knowledge management localised to its region (employment laws, federal guidelines), company (Company policies), its roles(Manager, general employee, etc).

Streamlining and optimisation of HR processes
Neocase HR Power 2012 includes an Advanced graphical Business process builder. Based on the Neocase Workflow engine, associated to the Neocase form builder, this tool enables process owners to design their HR process in a very simple way before publishing processes in the service catalog. Because companies needs to measure efficiency of their process, Neocase HR Power 2012 includes powerful dashboards to measure, analyse and optimise the process. The Neocase integration module composed of the ‘Enterprise service’ library and outbound calls provides the possibilities of integration to third party applications, enabling synchronisation of HR processes with ERPs like SAP, PeopleSoft, etc., in real time. Neocase HR Power 2012 thus streamlines the processes of HR service provision, can be deployed quickly and ensures a faster return on investment.

Access from mobile devices
Neocase HR Power 2012 is compatible with mobile devices (tablets, Smartphones, etc) so that it can be accessed permanently when on the move. 100% web, a simple Web browser allows any employee or HR administrator to access to it.

“With Neocase HR Power 2012, we want to revolutionise the way in which our clients can streamline their HR SSCs. We allow companies to reduce their operating costs, optimise resources, and make their services more productive and hence increase employee and customer satisfaction” said Julien Dahan. “It doesn’t just boost performance but transforms SSCs into genuine centres of excellence. As clients will soon see when they read the reports and indicators generated by the solution!”

About Neocase Software
Neocase Software empowers large, global corporations to manage and optimise their shared service and call center performance and processes through next generation service functionality.

Driven by Neocase’s uniquely adaptive technology platform, Neocase solutions improve process efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance the quality of service delivered to internal and external customers. Neocase Software solutions include: Neocase HR for Human Capital Resource management, Neocase CS for Customer Service and Neocase FR for Financial Resolution. All solutions can be deployed on-premise or via SaaS . With hundreds of clients and millions of users worldwide, representative customers include: Kohler Co., Air France, Renault-Nissan, BNP Paribas, Thales Group, Guardian Life Insurance, Société Générale, CUNA Mutual Group, Atkins Global, Everything Everywhere and many more. Neocase’s award winning solutions bring efficiency and profitability to shared services centres through: web self-service, intelligent knowledge management, service level agreement (SLA) management, employee/partner case collaboration, executive dashboards, and automated workflows.