There are ever-increasing numbers of working carers out there and the figures are set to keep rising. Increased longevity, increased retirement age, an ageing population and a creaking, underfunded social care system all mean more and more individuals are juggling work and care responsibilities.

To further improve the support My Family Care provides to the working carers of its 150+ employer clients, they are delighted to announce their partnership with SuperCarers.

Many carers face a lack of understanding from colleagues and managers. Working carers need a mixture of support, ranging from understanding and flexibility at work to reliable, affordable care services that give them peace of mind that the person they support is being well looked after.

There are also high numbers of employees who are ‘preparing to care’ – i.e. with elderly parents who are currently well, but likely to need some level of support and care in the near future. In planning ahead, they need help and support in navigating the often complex legislative, financial, emotional and social care aspects of looking after their parents as they age.

With SuperCarers’ provision of high-quality home care for both emergency and long term needs and the experience and expertise of both SuperCarers and Employers for Carers, My Family Care will be able to provide broader and deeper advice, resources and care for employees, whose individual needs vary enormously from case to case.

Ben Black CEO of My Family Care:

“The ageing demographics of the UK are truly frightening.  We are working later and living longer and the lack of investment in social care is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The only bright spot on the horizon is the ability of technology to bring efficiencies to what is a fundamentally broken market. The best of the new platforms emerging is SuperCarers – a brilliant business run by a fantastic team which shares our values and commitment to service. We are thrilled to be working with them and offering their market leading advice and support to all the working carers we help across our client base. We have had a long and happy relationship with Employers for Carers for many years as our visions are so closely aligned, so I’m also delighted to be formalising our affiliation with them.”

Adam Pike, Co-founder and CEO of SuperCarers:

“A decade ago, the major challenge for employers was supporting working parents to manage work and family life. Today, shifting demographics mean that more employees are responsible for children, dependent on their parents well into their 20s, and ageing parents who are increasingly vulnerable. My Family Care pioneered services designed to support employees with young children. Now, SuperCarers is delighted to be partnering with My Family Care in pioneering new advice and support services for employees with ageing parents, who are increasingly depended on for support and care.” 

Ben Black of My Family Care, Adam Pike of SuperCarers and working carers willing to talk about their challenges in combining work and caring are available for interview. For more information, please contact Tamara by email: t.sanghvi@myfamilycare  or on 07887 677418.






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