Monster UK launches its new site for HR and recruitment professionals  The site is a one stop shop dedicated to Monster’s cutting edge products and services that help professionals find and retain the best talent.

The new site – which is responsively designed to be optimised for mobile and tablet use – provides a clear and simple user interface where professionals can go to find out more about Monster’s Consultancy Services, Monster SeeMore and Monster’s Talent Management Suite.

The site is being promoted via by a highly visible marketing campaign, spearheaded by Monster’s new Director of Marketing, Sinead Bunting. The campaign will showcase Monster’s B2B offering by tackling the challenges and issues that HR and recruitment professionals face with messaging that features mythical creatures, elephants and quirky one-liners.

From today a multimedia campaign will feature digital display ads on relevant B2B and HR professional networks and websites, social media with promoted posts on Twitter, CRM, direct mail and full page print ads in various HR and Recruitment publications. The creative assets will be further brought to life through industry events Monster are sponsoring.

Commenting on the campaign Sinead Bunting, said:

“Finding the right candidate and attracting and retaining the best talent can be a labour-intensive, costly challenge for recruiters and HR professionals. We truly believe we have the technology and solutions to alleviate many of the issues recruiters and HR folk face, day-in, day-out. Our new site – which is responsively designed to be mobile and tablet optimised – will make it easy for professionals to access information about our fantastic tools.

“Our marketing campaign demonstrates our understanding of the challenges, in what is hopefully seen as a witty, empathetic way. We aim to raise awareness of our products and services and be considered as a possible partner.”